Double Headed Stainless Steel Dildo

 For those intimate moments alone or jointly with your partner, this double headed dildo will carry you double as much pleasure

"Largest Diameter approx 52 mm.
Smallest Diameter approx. 32 mm.
Total Length 26 cm."

Stainless steel Dildo

When size does matter,this impressive stainless steel dildo will fulfill all your needs

"Largest diameter approx. 45 mm
 Handle 35mm
 Total lenght 28 cm "

Large Stainless Steel Dildo

Practice the sensations of this uniquely ribbed stainless steel dildo.

"Diameter 40 mm - 58 mm
 Long      21. 5 cm "

Leather Whip with Stainless Steel Handle

"Enjoy the countless possibilities with this little beauty from steel fun.
Use the leather cords to gently caress and stimulate, or the perfectly formed solid stainless steel handle as anal dildo."

"Largest diameter approx, 39 mm
 Smallest diameter approx, 26 mm
 Handle 13, 5 cm
 8* Leather cords 45 CM Long"

Uniquely Formed Stainless steel Dildo

 Experience magical moments with this unique stainless steel enjoyment wand.

"255,2mm long
 49 at the widest point and 23 mm at the top"

High Flyer Aluminum Dildo

The high flyer aluminum dildo is a chic objet art made from aircraft-quality aluminum thats polished to a gleaming mirror finish.It is stunningly luxurious and designed to hug the curves of your body.With a smooth undulation along the 8 inch shaft,It gradually boadens from a 1-1/8 inch HEAD TO 1-1/2 Inch base 

Luxury Anal Sex Toys

BOB's high-end counterpart, EARL, is made of elegant 18K Gold Chrome. The metal, enticing and evocative against the naked skin, offers exciting prospects for users inclined to the sensual utilization of hot and cold.

Dimensions: 10" x 4" x 2.5"

Luxury Dildos

OLGA is an elegant and luxurious pleasure object, crafted in high quality stainless steel. The metal, enticing and evocative against the naked skin, offers exciting prospects for users inclined to the sensual utilization of hot or cold.

Dimensions: 10" x 4" x 2.5"

Subtle Butt Plug

 This Sleek and sexy stainless steel butt plug will provide hours of anal pleasure. Its slender and subtle from make it possible to wear it continuously for long periods of time.

"112.2mm long
26.6 mm at the widest point and tapering to 6.3mm"


Tom's Prince Wand With Glans Ring

The Prince’s wand with glens rings is perfect for men who wish to try sounding .Many people love sounding because of the immediate stimulation and pleasurable sensations it gives. This prince's Wand is perfect for men with an un-pierced penis.

Material: Stainless Steel Size: 75mm*8mm Ring Size: 2*25 Diameters

Thru Hole Penis Plug

 The Penis plug gently stretches the urethra whilst giving the wearer immediate and pleasurable sensations. Made of medical grade stainless steel the penis plug gives the him pierced look without having to pierce his penis.

Material: Stainless steel Length: 5CM, instertable 4.5cm Width: 5-10mm wide

Stainless Steel Vibrating Urethral Sound

 This innocuous toy can be used in many ways be it nice, tickly or devious. It can be used for external stimulation, teasing any part of the body. Alternately it can be used as a sound, stretching the urethra whilst giving immediate and pleasurable sensations. It also has the added effect of vibrations

Material: Stainless steel Insert able Length: 10.5cm Overall Length: 19cm End Diameter: 9mm

Princes Wand

The Prince wand is perfect for men with a Prince Albert piercing who want to try sounding. Many people love sounding because of the immediate stimulation and pleasurable sensations it gives. This prince wand is for men with a pierced penis. However our other prince's Wand with glans ring is perfect for men without a pierced penis

Length: 75mm     Width: 8mm


Wartenburg Pinwheel

 The Wartenberg Pinwheel is a precision machined stainless steel rotating spur (steel wheel option only) designed for neurological use. The Waretenberg Pinwheel was designed to test nerve reactions as it glides across the skin.

Overall length 7 1/2"


Steel Ballstretcher

Our Steel Ball stretcher is ideal if you like to give your balls a cool tug this super smooth ball stretcher will hold them down for you. This German made sexton is absolutely top quality, they work effectively and of cause they have4 the vorsprung dorch technical. (Free Size)

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