Fun Wand

The essence of Pure/Fun, rendered in gleaming stainless. Ideal alone or with a partner. Great fun for combined oral and G-spot stimulation, or turn the tables and use the graduated balls to give him an anal ride he won’t soon forget…

The 1” ‘head’ provides delicious G or P-spot massage, while the ‘balls’ graduated from ¾” to 1” deliver lovely anal stimulation.

Pfun Plug

Ergonomically designed to target the prostate, the njoy Pfun Plug delivers firm, controlled massage to the male G-spot. Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user’s own muscles in ‘hands-off’ mode, the Pfun Plug prods the P-spot with precision.

Approx 4.75" end to end
3.5" long insertable length
1.25" wide sculpted head

Pure Plug 2.0

The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is njoy’s response to customer requests for more of a good thing. Inspired by the award winning design of it’s smaller kin, the Pure Plug 2.0 offers more of everything: size, weight, and of course, that njoy style you’ve grown to love!. 

1.25 lbs
Approx 5.5" end to end
3.5" long insertable length
2" wide head


Pure Plugs

Equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear all day for some naughty secret stimulation, njoy’s Pure Plugs truly shine where the sun don’t!. The Pure Plugs combine a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort. The weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness and presence to remind you just how sensitive you really are ‘back there’.

Available in Small, Medium, or Large. Or order all 3 for a special price!


Small - 1" bulb, Approx 3.75" end to end
Medium - 1.25" bulb, Approx 3.75" end to end
Large - 1.5" bulb, Approx 3.75" end to end

Stainless Steel Pure Wand

This sensually curved beauty provides a direct connection to your favorite Spot – G or P or wherever feels so good. Crafted in njoy’s trademark gleaming medical-grade stainless, with the perfect curvature so you can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner – no more playing contortionist just to ‘hit the spot’…. njoy!

1” and 1-1/2” balls connected by that lovely curve - almost 8” end-to-end and 10” along the curve.

Eleven Sex Toys  

The Njoy 11 (Eleven) combines revolutionary manufacturing technology with Njoy's trademark style, pushing the boundaries on exotic stainless steel. All Njoy toys are crafted from pure, hypoallergenic, medical-grade stainless steel which never corrode or degrade in any way.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Weighted
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Compatible With All Lubricants
  • Includes Leather Case
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play.

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